25 years since the release of a classic album – “Like A Prayer”


This incredible collection of songs was the fourth album that Madonna released to the world and as expected the album became a hit all over the charts and an iconic and polemic album that left his mark on the history of pop music forever.

Both the album and the first single released, the anthem “Like A Prayer” was an international hit and sold over 15 million copies even though the music video for the song caused so much controversy that almost ruined Madonna’s career.

The burning crosses, the rape scene and multi-racial love having a church as the stage for all that didn’t went down well with TV channels, critics, the Vatican and Madonna lost a bit deal with Pepsi because of the video.


It is one of my favourite Madonna albums for its sound, lyrics and her voice just sounds delicious to listen to plus the journey that the album takes you with each track.

On this album it is one of the best pop songs ever written which is “Express Yourself”, that its music video is incredible and it was the most expensive video ever made up to that time and now is the third most expensive video ever.

Let’s watch again:


To promote the album and keep the momentum going Madonna came up with one of her best tours to date and the most polemic of all, the amazing “Blond Ambition Tour” that starting in Japan, blew people’s minds at the time for its design and interpretation.

The mixture of sex with religion, the modern dance, the sexual influence in much part of the show got everyone excited and of course because of all the buzz around the new album and the scandalous tour Madonna firmed herself as the “Queen of Pop”.


The album produced by Madonna and long time friend and producer Patrick Leonard and according to him the album got done in two weeks.

Unbelievable!!! Of “Like A Prayer” came classic songs like ” Cherish, “Oh Father”, “Promise To Try” and “Keep It Together”.

Click on this link if you want to read an interesting interview with Patrick Leonard where the main subject is of course “Like A Prayer”:


Any crazy fan (like myself) loves the album and anything related to it.



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