Cher – “Dress To Kill Tour” (opening night)


The diva of all divas and beyond is back on the road again and according to Cher herself this one it’s definitely the farewell tour.

The tour kicked off in Phoenix and the crowd was full of energy and excitement to see Cher in action “serving fish” again after a break from touring since her last never-ending tour.

“Dress To Kill” is the name of the concert created by the diva and her team that apart from entertain her loyal fans but to also promote her last hit album and first album released in 11 years “Close To The Truth”, which by the way I haven’t got tired of listening to because it’s just A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!


With a full house Cher did the expected and gave the audience an amazing experience, nailing every second that she was on stage from beginning all the way to the end.

I’ve been attached to my laptop for hours to get as much information about the opening night as I could.

The critics are praising a lot, the pictures I are looking amazing and the videos just got me super excited.


Cher opens the concert with the big hit “Woman’s World”, she uses a hologram of Sonny to sing the classic “I Got You Babe”, wears a gladiator outfit, neon wigs and even a little bit of the amazing movie “Burlesque” was there alongside with the classics that the fans wants plus some tracks taken from the new album.


She had an updated version of the famous “If I Could Turn Back Time” outfit that showed an amazing figure for a woman her age.

No need to say that Cher went all the way with extravagant outfits, wigs and staging.

The concert ends with the amazing and powerful hit ballad “I Hope You Find It”.


In my opinion she could have sung more songs from “Closer To The Truth” like “I Walk Alone” or even “Red” but I won’t complain too much because she did an amazing job nailing e“Take It Like A Man”.

Most artists change their set-lists to keep the show fresh, I’m hoping Cher is one of them and a rare or brand new song might come up in one of the 40 + concerts she still has to do.


Here’s an amateur video teaser of the opening night:


I hope you enjoy!!!


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