A trip to Egypt with Beyoncé


I’ve already posted about the May issue of “Out Magazine”, the “Power Edition” on which the amazing Beyoncé  is the cover of and how stunning the pictures are but I also want to highlight the article that you can find in the magazine. 

The article called “Beyoncé Liberated” it is super interesting!!!

The editor starts describing Beyoncé as “the world’s most powerful brand”, passed that one strong statement, the writer explain her career, life in general, tell some “behind the scenes” stories and then gets to the best part, an article about a trip to Egypt with our diva.


It’s brilliant, I totally recommend. It is so well written and the interview is direct, with no silly questions like the ones that cheap magazines/journalists always ask.


I won’t spoil the surprise but after I read the article, one of the stories there really got my imagination flying (I was a bit bored ok!!!) and I decided to go on-line to search for more details, pictures or whatever I could find about the episode described in the article.


Apparently Beyoncé’s team hired a visual director to follow her around the world and take pictures, make videos of the star during her trips.

To make the story more interesting, the guy didn’t knew anything about her, can you believe that?!?!?

Anyway, during that visit to Egypt, this visual director “ended up” on the top of a pyramid alone with Beyoncé and while they were there, she started to sing “A Song For You”.


Come on!!!

I can’t even express how that experience would have affect me!!!

Must have been magical… I managed to find a few pictures of that trip to share here on the blog.


The pictures are just AMAZING and her look is “sickening”!!!

Btw, after that visit to Egypt, Beyoncé is no longer allowed in the country because of her “saucy” performances.


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