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What's The T? : (origin. 1970's USA) Drag Queen Culture 
Definition: Invitation to engage in the exchange of gossip.
Derivation: Unknown. Likely abbreviation of "What's the Tale/Truth?"
Example Usage: "Hey gurrl, where you been all night? What's the T?"
Alternatives: "What's Happening?", "What's going on?", "Dish the dirt."

WTT: The “What’s The T?” dictionary Page: 01

Shade, Throwing Shade, Shady — When a person is doing you wrong in some way.

Ex: That bitch is throwing shade. She’s telling everyone I had my lips done.  

No T, No Shade No disrespect. According to RuPaul herself via Twitter: “No T No Shade = I’m not trying to come for you or offend you, but this is what its really like.”

Ex: She’s the one who looks like a cross between Lisa Rinna and Mick Jagger. No T, no shade.

Sickening — When something is really amazing and fierce.

Ex: Whatever girl, who cares what that shady bitch is saying. Your lips are sickening.

Reading, Reading to filth — To really let someone have it; to insult or criticize.

Ex: Well, if I see her out tonight, I will read her to filth. I will tear her shit up like newspaper.

Beating your face/mug — When a drag queen puts on her makeup.

Ex: Well girl, if you’re gonna even make it out tonight, then you better start beating that mug. OOOOOKay.

Booger — A drag queen who lacks a certain finesse.

Ex: Oh I know, grrrr. I ain’t about to leave this house lookin like a booger.

Fish — A particularly girly drag queen; female realness.

Ex: That’s right bitch. You’re gonna walk up in that club serving  fish.

Tuck — When a drag queen hides their business, sometimes using duct tape.

Ex: Well in that case, I better tuck.

Drag mother/daughter —A drag mother is usually a queen who first turns out a drag queen, making that queen her drag daughter.

Ex: So anyway … you know who her drag mother is, don’t you? That bitch Pat Cho-Weave …

kiki — A kiki is a party, for calming all your nerves. It’s a gathering of sorts, where you gossip and talk about this and that.

Ex: Girl we’re supposed to be getting ready but this has somehow turned into a kiki.

realness to represent a particular look or act very well.

Ex: You know, if I see her tonight, I’m actually not going to read her. I’m going to act like she’s my best friend. I’ll be  serving Meryl Streep realness. Oscar-worthy.

Work/werkA number of meanings: good job, bring it, etc.

Ex: Werrrrrk, bitch.

Shashay Away —To leave; RuPaul tells her eliminated queens to do this.

Ex: I’ve exhausted that tragic conversation above, so I think I’ll sashay way now.

Shantay You Stay —the opposite of sashay away. I’m defining Shantay (just the phrase said by RuPaul on Drag Race), but see the comments below if you want to define that.

Ex: Oooooh, but I’ve still got a few more words. Shantay I stay.

Serve —to deliver or present yourself in a particular way.

Ex: She’s serving you fish and it ain’t on a platter.

Hunty —It’s really just the term of endearment “honey.” There’s a less clean version of how the word was derived, but if I explained it, I wouldn’t be able to call you that.

Ex: Werk that ass, hunty.

Bam — an exclamation of joy

BGB —“bye, girl, bye”

Charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent —the four main qualities

Extravaganza eleganza —something possessing exceptionally high amounts of elegance

Go Mary-Kate —to wear multiple layers of clothing, a style perfected by fashion icon and actress Mary-Kate Olsen

Heather —a conventionally pretty queen and member of the “popular clique”

Meryl Streep realness —the attempt to achieve a high level of authenticity in a screen performance by not being afraid to look unattractive

Resting on pretty —when a queen banks on her attractiveness to get to the top

T —the truth

Trivia: Most of the modern drag terminology comes from the ballroom scene from the 1980s as documented in the film “Paris is Burning.” Some of the terms were introduced by the amazing and incredible RuPaul.