American Music Awards 2016 – My late review of a lukewarm award show


I know it’s a bit late, it’s been almost a week since the show happened but better late than never, here’s what I have to say about the 2016 American Music Awards that took place last Sunday in LA. My focus is on the red carpet and some of the performances.

I was looking forward to this year’s show but I was left disappointed. The hosts chosen to lead the evening almost put me off watching the show but I decided to give them a chance and see how they’ll deliver. Boy, was I right??? Hmmm…

To make matters worst, the guest list was bad. The level of celebs who walked that red carpet hit a new low. The lack of heavyweight pop stars was felt from beginning to end.

But not all was lost, here we go…

I’m going to start with one of cutest couples in the biz, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend looked adorable as always. The couple looked classy, cool and sexy.


The Yousef Akbar Teigen was wearing must have the longest slit ever seen and she wore that perfectly. She’s so cute!!!

Superstar and mom to-be Ciara was serving her usual fierceness in a gorgeous Stephane Rolland gown.


She was glowing and her neutral but yet classy makeup and hairstyle complemented the look perfectly.

One of my favourite 90’s beauties was there with her super cute husband and they were super fun and cute when they walked the red carpet. I’m talking about the fierce and super sexy Jenny McCarthy and hubby Donnie Wahlberg.


They definitely brought some fun to a rather dull event, I don’t care what other people say about them.

I just love her!!!


Jenny just doesn’t look like she’s 44 years of age and even though her choice of look it wasn’t what people normally expect to see her walking a red carpet, she looked sharp and sexy, as did Donnie.

Rumour has it (I read in some gossip blogs) that she was the first choice made by the AMA’s producers to host this year’s show, only to be replaced by the so charismatic (NOT!!!) Gigi Hadid. I’ll get to that one soon.

Beauty queens Heidi Klum and Milla Jovovich were serving a bit of retro-chic with their looks. One of them slayed but the other…

Heidi Klum looked like a lost member of the 1970’s pop group ABBA with that sparkling jumpsuit. If she was trying to embrace the Christmas spirit she was spot on, the woman looked like a gift ready to be unwrapped and to make things worst she had a silly bow around her neck. Just bad!!!


Mila Jovovich on the other hand showed some of the young chickens how it’s done. She looked fantastic in a black and classy Elie Saab dress that fitted her perfectly. The details were subtle and beautiful.

Taraji P. Henson normally delivers big time every time I see her walking a red carpet but this time she didn’t received  the memo in time I think. What was that whole look about girl??? No!!!

The same goes for the beautiful Zoe Saldana, she never disappoints but this time she failed me. Was that an 4th of July apron that she found lost inside her wardrobe??? Girl bye…


Another talented and beautiful actress who in my opinion disappointed was the one and only Idina Menzel. The dress was bad, the accessories were bad and the makeup, what to say about that??? Her makeup artist should get fired. So much blush on those cheeks, girl please…

Lady GaGa was in full Joanne mode and for once I liked it her red carpet look.


Very sexy, very GaGa but yet tamed. GaGa also looked fierce when she took the stage to perform her single “Million Reasons”. Watch below:

It’s always nice to see the more realistic and raw side of GaGa.

One of the worst looks of the night in my opinion was the super talented Emeli Sande. From head to toe it was bad, she looked like an old and crazy lady. That simple white men’s t-shirt, paired to that awful skirt that looked more like a bed quilt did nothing for her.


I love “The Real” presenter Jeannie Mai but what was she thinking when she picked that dress??? Like for real, was she thinking that she was going to prom or that we are in the 1990’s???

The we have the always classy and sweet Selena Gomez who served real Hollywood realness in a red gown by Prada.

Ariana Grande looked delicious and looked like the personification of what a pop diva looks like. She looked fierce, fishy from head to toe and she gave me life with that tight and long ponytail and I won’t even get started on how snatched her body looked.


Then we have R&B sensation Tinashe that looked like a bohemian whore in Michael Costello. Girl, no!!! She looked well other than she actually is and sometimes less is more. Check Ariana!!!

Speaking about Ms. Grande, besides wining “Artist of the Year” at the 2016 AMA’s, she took the stage to perform her smash-hit “Side To Side”. She killed it!!! Ariana had Nicki Minaj with her during the performance and they delivered a hot, sexy and fierce performance.

Check it out:

Three ladies who should definitely fire their stylists or at least by a mirror were the following: actress and singer Kat Graham, actress and singer Keke Palmer and R&B diva Keyshia Cole.


Awful!!! Date, too slutty, unfinished, mismatched, dated, random and over the top are just some of the words I’ll use to describe those looks. I’ve read since Sunday on some fashion/gossip blogs people praising their looks but I just don’t see it. Sorry…

Hunky actor Matt Bomer went for a simple look but let’s be honest, he could wear a garbage bag and he still going to look handsome and dreamy. The same goes for the beautiful Adam Levine who also kept things simple and casual.


Handsome rapper Drake was a vision of style and sexy appeal. The same cannot be said about dj and music producer Diplo, who looked knackered and at least nursing a bad hangover.

Adam Levine continued melting hearts with his handsome looks when he closed the show performing with his band Marron 5 featuring Kendrick Lamar.


The performance was “blah”… sadly…

The girls from Fifth Harmony slayed the red carpet and the stage. They looked sexy and full of sass.


They performed their new single “That’s My Girl”. FIERCE!!!

Now, let’s talk about the host of the 2016 American Music Awards, Ms. Gigi Hadid.

That girl has the same personality as a glass of water, let me just say that.

Her red carpet look was one of the worst ones I saw last Sunday. I don’t care if was made by Roberto Cavalli, the truth is that she looked creepy, she looked like one of those doll toilet covers that you see at your grandma’s house.


She belongs in a horror movie, the one that a doll come to life and kill the entire lakeside village.

The look she wore to kickstart the show was hot I must admit. That red one-shoulder dress by Atelier Versace was everything!!!


The looks which followed were really good, like the glittery jumpsuit that was sexy, fun and high-fashion.

She wore designs by Julien Macdonald and Nicolas Jebran that were fabulous and works of art to say the least.


Maybe that’s the only thing that she’s good at it, selling garment that is, because hosting it’s for sure not her fortee. The chemistry in between Hadid and her co-host Jay Pharoah was basically nonexistent from beginning to end. It was flat and boring, she put me off completely.

There’s hope that the producers have learned some lessons from this year’s fiasco and prepare a better show for the 2017 American Music Awards, with charismatic and energetic hosts, bigger and bolder performances and most importantly, a guest list packed with superstars and less wannabes.

That’s all…


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