Anastacia is back!!! The diva is back!!! Yeah!!!


I could not believe my eyes when I saw a link to Anastacia’s new single. It was my lucky day!!!

At first I though it was a virus but I couldn’t control myself and I clicked on the link and to my surprise a YouTube page with a new video called “Stupid Little Things” started to play and who do I see on the screen looking all fabulous???

Ms. Anastacia!!! I jumped!!! The video is great, the song is fierce, powerful, very rocky, a typical Anastacia song, you couldn’t relate that sound and that voice to anyone else.

So, my next step was find out more information about that song. I found on iTunes (downloaded immediately of course) and found out that “Stupid Little Things” is the first single of her upcoming new album called “Ressurection” that’s coming out some time in May.


I’m so happy…I’m a Anastacia fan since the “I’m Outta Love” days and I was waiting for something new for a long time.

Her last album which only had covers wasn’t one of her best moments but now she seems back in shape after fighting and winning breast cancer twice and ready to make her fans happy and hopefully go on tour soon!!

Here’s the amazing new video:



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