Anastacia – “Resurrection” the amazing new album of the unique voice of our generation!!!


One of the best and unique singer of my generation just released a brand new album, with powerful and deep lyrics “Resurrection” marks Anastacia’s return to her “sprock” sound and the end of a long battle with breast cancer, battle on which she’s the winner of course.

The album opens with a track called “Staring At The Sun”, the first track is very powerful and in your face.

Anastacia sings with passion, her vocals are pure perfection. She’s in her element and making sure we know that she’s back and that she has resurrected.

Track 02 is the dramatic “Lifeline” with its heavy drums alongside her mega vocals that when I first played the track I had goosebumps all the way on my neck.

Then comes “Stupid Little Things”, the album’s first single and a Anastacia classic. It’s an original and captivating “sprock” song from beginning to end.


Track 04 is “I Don’t Want To Be The One” where she sings about a complicated relationship. This song is a heavy ballad with an amazing piano and strings arrangement that at first it reminded me of her early ballads like the beautiful “I Ask Of You” from her début album.

“Evolution” is an optimistic and empowering song. Anastacia sings about turning pages in life, about embracing changes that life throw at us.

With the track “Pendulum” the vibe and tone carries on as she sings with hard vocals about the uncertainties and different paths in life.

Again Anastacia’s vocals are so strong and powerful, the beautifully done “Stay” is her way of showing how strong she is, she let us know that she’s looking for answers and that she isn’t scared of life.

Track 08 is “Dark White Girl” and in this song is very clear that life has taught her some lessons but all those lesson just made Anastacia a stronger person. I like this one a lot for its powerful and positive sound.

The touching “Apology” is almost acoustic, intimate. Anastacia is sick and tired of fighting, she admits that she was wrong some times but she wants to move on.

Track 10 is “Broken Wings” and In my opinion is the album’s anthem because of its positive outlook. “Even with broken wings, I’m still going to fly, I’m still going to try” Anastacia sings, I’m in love with this song, when she sings “Even with these broken wings I can fly, I can do anything” I go crazy and can’t help myself but smile.

With the first bonus track of the deluxe edition of the album, “Other Side Of Crazy” is Anastacia’s message that she’s not the one to mess with. Another “sprock” song in its core. The hardcore fans will love it and know the song from the inside out.


Track 12 is “Oncoming Train”, another song that talks about facing life and always focusing on the future. Very positive, sang from the heart.

The album title “Resurrection” comes in the shape of a deep song with comforting melodies.

Then we have “Left Outside Alone Pt. 02”, the song I was dying to get my hands on it and as I expected it didn’t let me down.

Anastacia made my day with this re-invention of her classic “Left Outside Alone”. Done beautifully, she kept the original lyrics but changing the rock sound to a soft and uplifting sound that just gave the song a different meaning, even stronger maybe.

The album ends with a new take on “Underdog”, a b-side track from Anastacia’s early days that only the hardcore fans will know about it. A great song as well.


Well, well…Things good come for those who wait!!! “Resurrection” is an amazing album from beginning to end without any exceptions.

Anastacia has uniqueness, nerve and talent and she knows how to make the best use out of all those qualities. I can’t find any fault on this album, it’s very well produced, written, the songs have so much passion and energy.

The album is already on the top 10 in the UK and I’m sure that is going to do really well everywhere, which is good because what happens when the album does well???

She goes on tour!!! And that’s when things go from amazing to incredible since an Anastacia concert is where the songs become something of a greater power.

“Resurrection” is out now so don’t waste any time and get your copy now!!!


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  1. Saturday May 18, 2014. Dear Anastacia. Receive a warm greeting with love and affection. Wish you enjoy good health next to your beatiful family. Really RESURRECTION your new CD is fantastic with beatiful melodies such a positive pure love is full of energy and full passion. A hug and a kiss with all my love for you from one of your fans who loves you completely. Always wish you all the best in the world and happy in this new stage in your life you achieve massive success in your career worldwide. Remember that where iam with Try going the distance with all the information present day always with you. Sincerely. Constance Gómez Villalobos. Coyol of Alajuela. Alajuela capital of the world. Republic of Costa Rica. Email: (506). Central America.

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