And she did it again… Rihanna walks around NYC in a pink nightgown during the day!!!


Rihanna keeps shocking us almost every day, at least every time she steps out, yesterday (July, 8th) she was seen around NYC wearing nothing but a pink delicate nightgown. And we’ve just recovered from the red nightgown she wore over the 4th of July weekend.

Some blogs are making fun of her by saying that she “lost it” once Brazil lost to Germany on the latest World Cup match that happened also yesterday.

I know that Rihanna is very fashion forward but come on… Why a nightgown???

Who wears a nightgown in a summer day in the middle of “frecking” Manhattan???


Well, Rihanna does it, but is no excuse ok!!! Was she having a lazy day???

The reason for the outfit choice we don’t know, we might never find out but we can imagine right???


If it’s for the sake of making a fashion statement or getting attention (something that Rihanna gets way too much, so I don’t think she need any extra) as a fan I say, Rihanna find another way honey, you are super talented woman, who doesn’t need to do things like that.

If she was only having fun and she’s really that chilled about everything, good for her!!!


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