Avril Lavigne is touring South America and charging fans £240 for an awkward photo


The Canadian singer is on the road in South America entertaining her fans and giving them an expensive and terrible opportunity to meet her face to face. What could be a lifetime incredible memory turns out to become a rather strange meet with their idol.

Fans can buy  “meet and greet” tickets (not including the price of the concert) for around £240 to get a picture taken with Avril.

But there’s a catch!!!

Most “meet and greet” tickets gives the fans a chance to touch their idols, share a hug, maybe a kiss, shake hands but that doesn’t apply to Avril Lavigne fans.


The fans who buy the expensive ticket are not allowed to touch her and her team makes sure that all the fans are standing at least arms length away from her.


Diva much???

Maybe… I don’t know much about Avril, how she normally behaves, her attitude and etc but I think that charge a rather good amount of money and act like that towards the people who made her is quite insulting, on the borderline of ripping people off.


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