BET Awards 2014 – This year’s shows was one of the best yet!!!


The BET’s rocked last night with amazing performances and celebrities working the red carpet and the stage. From Michelle Williams to Paris Hilton, the ceremony was one of the best productions that BET has done so far.

I normally don’t watch the BET Awards, I don’t know why really. Maybe is because in the UK I don’t have access to the channel and when I’m in the US, I’m always so busy that I completely forget about.

Luckily this year I was in tune and managed to sit down and enjoy the show!!!

Kerri Washington looked so sweet with that floral dress and her body is just amazing, not long ago she gave birth to her first baby but yet, she looks AMAZING!!!

I loved to see former America’s Next Top Model winner turned into actress Eva Pigford, looking all fabulous and fierce honey.


RHOA star Kenya Moore, was EVERYTHING in that orange number, I loved from top to bottom, her hair, make up and styling was FABULOUS honey!!!

Also looking FABULOUS was Michelle Williams!!! She finally got it right… Jesus was SAYING YES  yesterday (Get it???)!!! The green dress was beautiful, her make-up was delicate. Very nice.


Now, with the good, the bad has to come right… So, I’m going to start with Ms. Ashanti.

What was that dress chosen by Ashanti??? I didn’t even knew that she’s still active. The hair, I liked it but the dress was dreadful. She wasn’t alone though, another R&B diva who got the wrong memo was Faith Evans, who’s always amazing and fierce but that secretary look wasn’t one of her best moments.  But then I saw Lil’ Mama, that dress was just terrible and everything else!!!


The ladies were doing really bad at last night’s red carpet, like Gabrielle Union, LeToya Luckett and Paris Hilton missed the mark big time.

LeToya had that 1976 prom dress that she borrowed from her aunty and Paris looked like a mannequin, a dead one!!!


Highlights of the show for me were the performances, Robin Thicke’s emotional performance of his new song and letter of apology to his ex-wife was beautiful.

Robin even cried on stage, how can she not forgive him???

Jennifer Hudson also nailed on stage performing “Walk It Out” that even included that beautiful male model that appears on the video, David McIntosh who’s FINE!!!


Iggy Azalea carries on her domination with a hot performance of “No Mediocre” with T.I. on the featuring.

Shame for her outfit, come on… she’s topping the charts for weeks and she stepped on stage wearing that???


Anyway, the Queen of Hip-Hop, Nicki Minaj won the “Best Female Hip-Hop Artist” award and was a delight on stage when receiving the awards. She shouted: “WHEN NICKI MINAJ SPITS, NICKI MINAJ WROTE IT,” while holding her new award with a lot of pride and with a cheeky look on her face.


Nicki also nailed performing her hit single “Pills ‘N Potions”, with a performance that was a mix of “Alice in Wonderland” gone to the S&M club, got high and was tripping.

She nailed it from beginning to end!!!


Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z participated on the show via satellite with a hot performance of “Partition” live from their “On The Run Tour” in Cincinnati.

Thanks BET for a great show!!!


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