Beyoncé – “Beyoncé/The Visual Album”


After posting a simple “I see music” on her Facebook page, Queen B dropped her much-anticipated fifth album simply called “Beyoncé” in a very bold and creative way. She released the album without any publicity or music video/single to help promote the new LP and this move is proving to have been an amazing idea and just the fresh idea that the music industry needed.  Beyonce

The new album has big names like Drake, Justin Timberlake and obviously Jay-Z attached to it and to make the “Bee-Hive” even more excited she’s giving us a video for each song in the album and I am looooooooving it!!!

The visual album (is how she’s been referring to it) has sold more than glitter on a gay pride parade and causing the buzz that Beyoncé and her team had in mind.

Here’s my view on each track of this incredible album that already is on my playlist and on repeat most of the time:


01-Pretty Hurts: Written by Sia, the album opens with this anthem on the making. An amazing piece of work where Beyoncé says: “Perfection is a disease of a nation/Trying to fix something you can’t see”. This song is a striking, fierce, empowering anthem with a sound that reminds me of the amazing “Halo”. The album starts nicely with that song. “It’s my soul that needs surgery” Beyoncé estates while fighting against the plastic smiles and the beauty standards that sometimes destroy people’s lives. You go girl I say!!!! You tell them like it is!


02-Haunted: A experimental track with some different sounds and effects. Amazing vocal effects makes this song shine through and get me all excited. The video is a trip both visually and musically. Stunning is the least I can say about it. Not the most commercial track but not less addictive than the usual Beyoncé material we know.

03-Drunk In Love (Feat. Jay-Z): A expected and almost inevitable collaboration with hubby Mr. Carter that if send to the radios should do very well. With a sweet R&B beat to it, I’m loving this song very much. The video is sexy, simple and to make more intimate is in black & white.


04-Blow: Produced by Pharrell, this song is one of my top favourites on the album. Some sexy vocals and provocative words set the tone. Beyoncé gives us probably one of her sexiest songs yet. It is a club banger from beginning to end. The video is stunning, colourful and fun. It is a hit that only Beyoncé can make it.

05-No Angel: A groovy and stylish song where Beyoncé shows her falsetto skills. It has a heavy bass line to it and screams sexy.

06-Partition: Now, that is without a doubt my favourite track on the album. The track intro drives me cray cray every time. A fierce and self-indulgent Beyoncé asking her audience to shout: “Say hey Mrs. Carter…” This song has an addictive sound and fierce lines like: “I sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker” and one of the best lines ever: “Oh he Monica Lewinsky’d all over my gown”. I love the video for its photography and style. I lost count of how many times in a roll I have played this song. Love,love,love!!!!


07-Jealous: Beyoncé is still exploring her more sensual side on this one. A rather strong song that has grown on me as I play. It is a funny mixture of sounds and tones in which the result is very good.

08-Rocket: Co-written by Justin Timberlake and Timbaland it is a great piece of music and the video is just as good. It opens with a sexy line: “Let me sit this ass on you” to set the tone. A slow jam perfect for some sexy times.

09-Mine (Feat. Drake): Up to this song I think that the album might sound a bit experimental at times but on this one Beyoncé gets sweet and brings Drake into the mix with his particular sounds and textures. Another track that is addictive and it has a futuristic sound. The video is incredible and just gives the song the finishing touches needed.

10-XO: Written by the talented and super cute Ryan Tedder from One Republic it has everything to become a pop anthem and shows Beyoncé in love and how it feels to be in love. I think it is probably the most radio friendly song on the album.

11-Flawless (Feat. Chimananda Ngozi Adichie): It is a song for the women. A feminist anthem. The sort of thing that Beyoncé seems to be getting really into it recently. A strong song that can’t missed due to its powerful message. Knowing Beyoncé I have a feeling that this song is very close to her heart. The track is a mash-up with the amazing “Bow Down”, that is a song that I don’t know how it got missed.


12-Superpower (Feat. Frank Ocean): The video looks like a part 02 of “Run The World” even though the song itself it’s very different. Not my favourite track but Pharrell proves one more time that he’s a genius.

13-Heaven: It is the sweetest and emotional track of the bunch. It talks about a lost love and Beyoncé is showing a softer, compassionate side of her whole persona. I’ve read on-line that the song is about a miscarriage but so far it’s all rumours. Beautifully done but rather deep.

14-Blue (Feat. Blue Ivy): An angelic song to say the least, on which Beyoncé shares the vocals with her daughter, her pride and joy. The video takes place in Rio de Janeiro and shows the diva walking around Rio while holding baby Blue Ivy in her arms. A rather light and relaxed song to finish off the album.


With experimental songs, deep themes and great producers/writers the album is showing Beyoncé in a great light and showing how sure of herself she is at the moment.

The album has already sold over 1.000.000 copies in the US alone and it is doing really well here in the UK.

Beyoncé will be back in London soon for more dates of her tour and I hope to get to see it and check it out some of the new songs in person.

The album is amazing and Beyoncé is definitely cementing her spot at the top of pop music history.

I don’t get tired of anything she does and I want more and more.

That in 2014 Beyoncé give us more and more of Sasha Fierce in every possible way.


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