Beyoncé celebrated her 35th birthday with a “Soul Train” themed party!!!


Monday night in New York City some famous faces attended the “Soul Train” theme birthday party of one of the world’s biggest star, the queen of all queens, Beyoncé!!!

Beyoncé is not only known for her music and her moves, she’s also known for throwing some of the best parties ever, it doesn’t matter what the occasion is and to celebrate her 35th birthday, the diva hosted a “Soul Train” themed party that had all the guests getting their 1970’s inspired outfits on to party the night away with the diva.

Upon their arrival, Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z had to fight their way through the pappz but we could get a taste of what was to come even though she tried to cover herself up.


Jay-Z was wearing pretty much what he wears it anyway, while Bey was giving us titties and legs for days and let’s not forget to mention that fierce and big hair. She looked fab!!!

A Beyoncé birthday party wouldn’t be complete without the presence of Ms. Kelly Rowland, who went all the way to serve some Diana Ross realness and she looked amazing.


Kelly looked very glam with a shiny, brown jumpsuit that could have belong to divas like Diana Ross or Donna Summer. Kelly’s make-up and fierce big afro hair looked super sexy and I have to say, she looked just like a young Donna Summer.

Pictures from the party started to pop all over the Internet, more like Instagram, overnight and we’ve been loving it all of them. One picture that made me laugh was the one of P. Diddy and Cassie, he looks hilarious with that wig on!!!


The guest list included the likes of R&B stars Usher and Kendrick Lamar, tennis icon Serena Williams, supermodel Jourdan Dunnes, a make-up free Alicia Keys and of course, Solange Knowles.


It’s cool to see the effort that all the guests put into their costumes for Bey’s party and it’s always good to see people like them having fun just like us mere mortals.

Well, almost all of the guests put some effort when it came to their costumes, Alicia Keys and her husband Swizz Beatz had the most basic and boring looks out of everyone. I still don’t get it the whole make-up free thing but that seems to be their brand these days. Boring!!!


The Carters by the looks of things had a ball, they posed with friends on some goofy pictures as they let their hair down for the evening. The Internet it’s buzzing with all the intimate pictures of what went down at Beyoncé’s birthday party.


Our queen shared some funny pics with some of her guests that included Chance The Rapper.

Happy birthday to our beloved queen!!!


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