Beyoncé dominated 2014 – Let’s look at her best moments!!!


I’ve had a Beyoncé-day since early this morning, while having a great time, I came across an article on E!’s page that after reading it, I decided to blog about. Just because I had to!!!

Around this time last year, the world was buzzing about a new album that our Queen B was getting ready to release, the “Bey-Gency” kept things quiet and then…

BOOM!!! On December 13th, the world changed for the better with the release of Beyoncé’s brand new and spanking album, the also called “Visual Album”. Since then, many great things happened and we had a great year thanks to Mrs. Carter.

Let’s travel back in time…


1 – “Drunk in Love” at the Grammy Awards: That was the first live performance of any material from the new album and it was amazing!!! Beyoncé and Jay-Z oozed sex-appeal on stage, our diva was “pure realness”, that wet hair and sexy dance routine drove us insane.


2 – The Carters joint tour: With a tour based on Bonnie & Clyde, Beyoncé and Jay-Z entertained thousands of fans around the world with their first joint tour “On The Run”, they played in totally packed arenas, ending with an amazing two dates in Paris that even had Nicki Minaj as a guest.


3 – The chop: Beyoncé shocked the Bey-Hive when she posted on her Instagram profile a picture of her new haircut. The pixie haircut was a totally bold move and I have to admit that I’m really pleased that she didn’t keep the new style for too long.


4 – The rumours: Rumours of a divorce was all that newspapers, blogs and magazine talked about for ages. It was getting boring but Beyoncé and Jay-Z proved the world wrong by not commenting on it and showing their love on stage during their “On The Run” tour.


5 – The elevator fight: One of the most talked about celebrity gossip of the year was by far the incident in between Jay-Z and Solange, the infamous elevator fight back in May got everyone by surprise.


6 – Kimye’s wedding: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married in Italy earlier in May and one of thing that made people talk the most, was the fact that Beyoncé and Jay-Z missed the event, even though the couple (Kim and Kanye) confirmed that an invitation was sent to the Carters. We all wondered if there was any situation or Bey and Jay were just too busy to attend.


7 – The best VMA ever: This year, Beyoncé made our lives worth living with an AMAZING performance at the MTV’s Video Music Awards. The diva performed a medley of some of the best songs taken off her “Visual Album” and it was perfection from beginning to end. Plus, Blue Ivy’s reaction throughout that historical moment was just delicious.


8 – “The” cover: Every year, Time magazine releases a list ranking the 100 most influential people and guess who took the top place this year??? BEYONCÉ!!!


9 – The Beyoncé shades: We’ve been waiting way too long for the release of “Fifty Shades Of Grey” the movie, so when the first trailer was released we almost peed our pants. That trailer had an even bigger impact since it had a new and sexy version of Beyoncé’s mega-hit “Crazy In Love” that is part of the soundtrack.


10 – The second surprise release: A few days ago, Beyoncé released a new edition of her acclaimed “Visual Album” that comes with two brand new songs, one of them is “7/11” and Beyoncé surprised the world once again by releasing the music video without any announcement, which caused major buzz all around the world. Its simplicity and fun turned the haters into lovers.

Wow, what a year and I’m already counting the days for the next chapter.

Fingers crossed that Beyoncé will keep surprising us in 2015!!!

But after all…


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