Beyoncé hits first lady Michelle Obama’s birthday


Beyoncé and her beautiful family attended the first lady Michelle Obama’s birthday party, where Beyoncé was also set to perform on stage.  On the picture above you see the Carter family arriving at the White House.

And on the following picture you see a candid moment of the family already inside the presidential home.


The party was to celebrate the 50th birthday of Michelle Obama and it was full of famous people but the best dressed for the birthday bash wasn’t even the birthday girl herself. It was Ivy Blue with that lovely white dress.


Queen B said she was a bit very nervous to perform there even though they are friends with the family…

Well, she looked amazing just before hitting the stage on this beautiful gold dress. BEAUTIFUL!!!


But after her finishing her set, the diva spent a good part of the evening getting cosy with the presidential dog family and the picture of that moment is the cutest thing ever!!!


I don’t know who I would cuddle up and kiss it first?!?!?!


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