Beyoncé is enjoying herself and showing off her growing belly in days out with family

Our Queen Bey is making the most of her time off since cancelling her much awaited performance in this year’s Coachella festival due to her pregnancy with twins, the rather private superstar has been enjoying nights out with husband Jay-Z and their firstborn Blue Ivy and her mother Tina Lawson and obviously every single outing is heavily covered by the press and members of the Bey-Hive.

The Carters attended the premiere of Disney’s new movie “The Beauty and The Beast” in LA recently and they looked happy and relaxed, like they were having a ball.

Blue Ivy was cute as always, Bey’s mood was goofy and down to earth.

Daddy Jay-Z looked cool and handsome and seemed proud of his beautiful family.

The Carters never skip a beat when it comes to fashion and they served family glamour in their Gucci outfits.

Bey posed for several pictures, working the camera like the professional that she is, looking fierce from head to toe and with a pregnancy glow that even Stevie Wonder can see it.

Those titties are full girlfriend!!! That skin is to die for, like I could wear Bey’s skin like Versace.

We still don’t know how far into the pregnancy Queen Bey is but by the looks of her belly I think that won’t be too long until those twins arrive.

Yonce is ready to pop!!!

The Carters were also spotted last month when they had court side seats at the 2017 NBA All-Star game in New York City.

As expected from the family, they all looked on point and glamorous from head to toe.

Momma Yonce looked fantastic and drop dead gorgeous as she enjoyed the game with her beautiful daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

They almost looked like a normal family!!!

I’m not casting shade ok, they are like royalty compared to most cool and young family out in the world.

From sports events to an evening of culture with momma Tina in Los Angeles a couple of days ago.

The mother and daughter duo were spotted going to the theatre in LA and then for dinner.

Bey’s pregnancy made the headlines today after she uploaded a new picture on her official Instagram account wearing a body hugging black dress, high knee boots and fierce accessories.

What’s getting the Bey-Hive and the world talking and buzzing is the pair of earrings King Bey has on and the T that’s getting spilled around is that Beyoncé wore the same earrings on the video for her single “If I Were A Boy”, therefore that’s her unique way of telling the world that she’ll be having twins boys.

What do you think???

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