Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s “On The Run Tour” has made $100 million – BOW DOWN!!!


Just before coming “alive, “On The Run” the first joint tour of superstars Beyoncé and Jay-Z was the target of rumours that tickets weren’t selling as fast as they expected. But they proved the haters wrong by travelling across North America with an amazing spectacle and filling stadiums with fans, night after night.

The tour ended yesterday, August 6th, in San Francisco, totalling 19 concerts, all staged in massive stadiums around the US and Canada.

Miami was the first stop of the much-anticipated project created by the most powerful couple in music, the legendary rapper Jay-Z and his wife, the iconic pop diva Beyoncé. Other cities visited by “On The Run Tour” included: Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago and Houston.


The promoter/producer of the tour was the major company, “Live Nation” and they have released some of the numbers of the tour’s logistics.

Just across America, the tour will gross over $100 in ticket sales and each performance had sold more than 90% capacity seats, with over 830,00 fans attending the tour.

Some are saying that Beyoncé and Jay-Z got up to $4 million per show and around $5 million every night when considering the merchandising sales. An average of 45,000 fans attended each night.

Since the elevator episode earlier in the year, involving Solange Knowles and throughout the tour, even now, the couple has made headlines with a soon to happen divorce.

The media is so focused on those rumours that some predicted the tickets sale to suffer but only the opposite happened, tickets were selling super fast. Those rumours didn’t affect the tour just because on each concert, the chemistry and love in between the couple was almost palpable.


I’ve said it once, if those rumours have any percentage of truth, Beyoncé and Jay-Z should be given the Oscars for great acting as if still in love.

Hence why I never bother to blog about every rumour that has appeared on-line almost on a daily basis. It’s their private life for god sake, just enjoy the concert that both have putted so much work into it!!!

“On The Run Tour” was made of 42 singles, classics from Jay’s and Bey’s amazing careers, many duets, hits like “Crazy In Love”, “Bonnie & Clyde”’, “Holy-Grail”, “Tom Ford” and “Upgrade U” were just some of the crowd pleaser.

The costumes were FIERCE TO THE MAXIMUM!!! The fans loved every minute of it!!!


The next and final stop will be Paris, the only European city to receive this amazing concert, when for two nights in September, “On The Run Tour” will take over the french capital, with both concerts being filmed for a HBO special.

The tickets are almost sold out and we’re still in the beginning of August.

I’ve heard that a couple of dates for the couple to bring their “On The Run Tour” to London are in the talks. I got everything crossed for that to happen. Paris is so close to London, they HAVE to stop here!!!


Now it is the perfect time to say: BOW DOWN BITCHES!!!

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