Beyoncé posted a mysterious picture on Instagram


After posting a very blurred picture with no caption on her Instagram account, Beyoncé now have the world guessing, what is all that about?!?!?   

All you can see on the picture is Beyoncé in a wedding dress, holding tight to Jay-Z on the top of a motor-cycle. I even have my doubts if it’s really them on the real picture.

The fans and the media are speculating and trying to figure it out but so far everyone is still confused and intrigued.

Recently both of them have used weird and unexpected methods to promote something.

The picture could be a snap from Jay’s music video of the song “Part 2 (On the run)” which feature Beyoncé, or it could have something to do with the joint tour.

Who knows?!?!? Let’s just wait and see!!!


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