Beyoncé releases new music video for the track “7/11”


Beyoncé never stops, to make our Christmas special, in a few days, her super acclaimed self-titled album, or the visual album if you like, is going to be re-released with some hot extra goodies that are going to get the “Bey-Hive” buzzing like crazy and to start the buzz, our diva have just released the first promotional single of the pack, the song “7/11”.

Beyoncé last album is going to be released again but in a “Platinum Edition” on November 24th and we don’t need to say that, once again she’s going to take over the charts right???

Within the new bits and bobs that are coming to us in the new edition of the “Beyonce” album, is the track “7/11”, that is not going down so well with some critics.


Surprise, surprise!!! The haters, have to hate and make themselves look like fools, saying a bunch of crap about the new song.

Ok, is not what some of us were expecting but it’s not bad. It’s different, let me put it this way ok, I actually like the song, after a few plays, at first I thought that “7/11” is like “Bow Down”, with a more gangster, ghetto sound.

And as we are talking about Beyoncé, a new song would never be released without a video to help promote the new material and that is the part that it’s kind of bugging me.


The video is fun but way too simple, not up to Beyoncé’s standards, it almost looks like a sketch taken from “Saturday Night Live” or something like that.

I’m curious to see what our “Queen B” is going to say about this new music video.


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