Beyoncé set to re-release self-titled album in a box set!!!


After many days of rumours popping out all over the internet, we finally get the confirmation we were wishing for. On November 24th, the “Beyoncé Platinum Box Set” will be available!!!

It’s now official ok, our queen is going to release her last album again, but won’t be called “Beyoncé: Volume 2” like many pages have reported, just so you know.

The box set will come with a disc called “More”, this disc will come with six new tracks, with two of them that apparently have never been heard before and four other tracks, which are remixes.


According to, “More” track-list is:

01 – “7/11”

02 – “Flawless Remix” (Feat. Nicki Minaj)

03 – “Drunk In Love Remix” (Feat. Jay-Z & Kanye West)

04 – “Ring Off”

05 – “Blow Remix” (Feat. Pharrell Williams)

06 – “Standing On The Sun Remix” (Feat. Mr. Vegas)

But the surprise doesn’t stop there, the box will come with the standard “Beyoncé” album, a DVD with the HBO series “Beyoncé X10”, that will all have artist commentary, plus a booklet.

Want more??? Beyoncé is giving us more hunties!!!

The box set also comes with an official 2015 Beyoncé mini-calendar.

Apparently, you can pre-order your box set on Amazon already!!!




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