Beyoncé’s dad Matthew Knowles gets the “Beygency” in red alarm!!!


The world was shocked earlier this year after the dramatic fight in an elevator, between Solange Knowles and Jay-Z. Since then, all we’ve talking about is Beyoncé and Jay’s marriage and blah,blah, but things changed when a few days ago, Matthew Knowles revealed to the world the “reality” about the footage that shocked the “Bey-Hive”.

Beyoncé’s former manager and dad Matthew Knowles, stopped by “Roula and Ryan Talk Show” in Houston, to talk about the past few months in his daughter.

So, during the interview, the hosts of the show decided to get into the so talked about elevator incident and it was when Matthew spilled the beans, “THEY NEEDED SOMETHING TO IGNITE THAT TOUR (meaning the couple’s “On The Run Tour”). IT’S CALLED A JEDI MIND TRICK. A JEDI MIND TRICK FOOLS YOU A LOT OF TIME. ALL I KNOW IS EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT. TICKETS SALES WENT UP, SOLANGE’S ALBUMS SALES WENT UP 200 PERCENT….”


That’s when as a pop-music addict, is not the first time that I have heard of a huge star to do something similar to attract attention to some project that is about to be revealed.

It’s all a bit “shady”, unfortunate and disappointing to say the least. If he’s telling the truth, is shameful since Beyoncé always plays the part of being this, genuine and hard-working woman, and resorting to such a publicity stunt would make me question all of her credibility.

What to do??? Who to believe???



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