Beyoncé’s Italian break with Jay-Z & Blue Ivy


On August 3rd Beyoncé completed the European leg of her “Formation World Tour” with an incredible and highly acclaimed concert in the Spanish city of Barcelona and since then the iconic diva it’s taking a break from touring the globe to relax with her hubby and baby in Italy.

The Carters have rented a mega yacht to stay in during their trip through the Italian coast, stopping in hot spots like Lake Como and Capri.

They’ve been spotted swimming, enjoying the sunshine either on a quiet beach spot or on their private deck, also enjoying the local cuisine and of course making it the most of their time together. Husband and wife have enjoyed romantic walks and even a jet ski chase.


Beyoncé’s looks have been casual but chic, maybe an attempt to not draw so much attention but when you are royalty that’s impossible. Everywhere the family went, crowds followed them and as always they were very polite and nice to the fans.


One thing that needs to be pointed out is how sickening Beyoncé’s body is looking! Those body-hugging dresses were telling us everything, as it was those bikinis tops and we love it!


Talk about being BOOTYLICIOUS!!!

Beyoncé and Jay-Z couldn’t look happier and relax during their romantic dinners. In some pictures she has a jovial vibe going on, like a schoolgirl in love.


They look like they enjoy each other’s company and let’s hope that all the divorce rumours are going to stop. Why can’t certain writers/bloggers that their love is real and praise them, instead of publish lies just to sell magazines or get higher numbers of likes on their pages?

Queen Bey next concert part of her current tour is not until the beginning of September, when she’ll hit the road for the second US leg and final concerts of her “Formation World Tour.

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