Billboard’s 2016 “Women in Music” highlights pt.1

On Friday 9th of December, Billboard hosted the 2016 “Women In Music” ceremony in New York City to celebrate and honour the achievements of women in the music business on all parts of the business. From pop stars to high ranked women, the show was nothing but short of entertainment.

The event had a guest list made of successful women from all parts of the music business and like every awards shows that we love, the red carpet was the place where the action started.

Some of the ugliest looks of the night were the ones worn by two major players in the music business.

Firstly we have Bozama Saint John, a marketing executive at Apple Music who couldn’t have chosen a worst outfit for the event if she tried. That shiny blue jumpsuit was terrible!!! It was dated, tacky and definitely not what a woman in her job position should wear at all, let alone to an event like that. Then on the other side of the spectrum we have one of the world’s best concert promoters, Ms. Debra Rathwell in a simple but super boring, more like granny handmade 1960’s dress. Please, the woman is a senior VP for AEG and that was her choice of outfit???

Bozama went home with “Executive of the Year” award and during her acceptance speech she sent a message to women all over the world: “WE’RE KNOCKING DUDES OUT OF THE WAY TO MAKE ROOM FOR YOU.”

You go girl!!! You tell them sister!!! *SNAP SNAP*

Iconic rock diva Debbie Harry walked the red carpet owing it like the legend that she is and she looked great, still wearing the “out there” look that she’s always worn.

Singer and songwriter Halsey (I’m not familiar with her at all, research needed) was representing a new generation of music divas and let me tell you, there were a few of those in attendance. In my opinion she looked a bit moody or just trying to do a sexy-angry-pouting face but what we could see was that she just looked pissed off.

Maybe she wasn’t happy with the look that her team got her, no idea.

Halsey was given the “Rising Star” award for her chart success and exceptional talent. She got introduced to the stage by Debbie Harry who couldn’t have praised the new talent more, Harry said: “SHE’S CONNECTING WITH A NEW GENERATION… I KNOW SHE WILL BE SHARING HER STORY FOR A LONG TIME TO COME.”

Ok girl, we get it, you do believe a lot in this girl…

After receiving her award, Halsey dropped the moody face and it was all smiles, better right??? Maybe once the most important part of the evening was over it she kind of let it go of the fact that her outfit looked like she wrapped her body in toilet paper.

The girls from Fifth Harmony showed-up at the event to pick up an award and perform a song in Meghan Trainor’s honor since she couldn’t go for medical reasons. They looked sexy and fierce as always!!!

Debbie Harry wasn’t the only rock diva at the event, the legendary Joan Jett was at the event catching up with her friend as they watched the show.

Shania Twain and Nick Jonas looked very cosy as they pose for pictures, more on those two later ok.

The Grammy Award nominated Andra Day was working all of that shiny satin and floral prints and turbans and huge earrings, paired with some heavy makeup like a pro, but that’s her thing so I’ll give her that. Day received the “Powerhouse Award” and performed a great version of her smash-hit “Rise”.

Day got introduced to the stage by Broadway queen Idina Menzel who wore something as ugly as she always wears on the red carpet. The pants were way too long and the makeup too heavy. No!!!

The beautiful Rita Ora was shining in a sparkling and floral gown by Temperley London. That bohemian/glam look suits Rita Ora perfectly in my opinion.

Showing the world that British pop stars know how to handle fashion along Ora was recording artist Labrinth, the suit he choose looked great from head to toe.

Labrinth was wearing a two piece blue suit designed by Louis Vuitton and he kept the entire look down to earth with a cool pair of white trainers. That’s how you do casual-chic y’all!!!

Both British music stars couldn’t contain themselves and revealed that they were there to support one of their idols and one of the, if not “THE” recipient of the main award of the ceremony.

That was Madonna of course. But they weren’t the only ones unashamed of express their support for Madonna, two good and old friends of the singer attended the 2016 “Women in Music” because of her, actress Debi Mazar and handsome journalist Anderson Cooper were there showing their love for the “Queen of Pop”.

Debi and Cooper looked classically stunning, Debi was serving “FACE, FACE, FACE FOR DAYS!!!”, that makeup and hair were on point honey and Cooper, there’s not much to say about him, he’s handsome.

Outspoken singer Alessia Cara looked boring from head to toe and not at all rebellious. Cara was given the “Rule Breaker Award”, to which her response was: “I NEVER THOUGHT THAT I’D GET AN AWARD FOR BEING A RULE BREAKER… IN FACT, IT’S CRAZY TO THINK THAT THERE ARE RULES TO BE BROKEN IN SELF-EXPRESSION.”

I still don’t have a clue of who she is and what she does…

Alessia’s look was a simple “going to the mall with my gang” sort of look, also disappointing was Charli XCX went for a pair of way too chunky heels and wrapped herself in a big piece of fabric leftover from a parachute or something and added a fake diamonds dog collar that she must have taken from an obscure pop singer.

It’s shocking to me how most of those young and upcoming pop stars seem to have no sense of what red carpet fashion is!!!

For now I’ll stop here my squirrel friends, part 2 it’s coming!!!

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