“Brit Awards 2014” – Quick review

The ceremony this year had as the host that funny (NOT) comedian James Corden. Aaaarrrrgghhh!!

Today when I sat down all excited with a nice cup tea and a massive hangover to check it out the best moments of the 2014 Brit Awards was when everything got really bad.

The host of this year’s show… that so called comedian James Corden just made my hangover worst.

Who had the horrific idea of casting him as the host?! I don’t get it!!!

He’s ugly, fat and most of all… Not funny in the slightest! In 99% of the jokes he told the crowd, I could either hear members of the audience booing him, a total silence of the O2 Arena or even worst, he would be the only one laughing of his own jokes. How “frecking” sad is that!?!?

Anyway, leaving that waste of space aside, the ceremony wasn’t so bad… Things got way better when the divas started to hit the stage!!!

Here’s the first one…

Starting with the colourful and now one of my favourites, Ms. Katy Perry!!!


I loved to see Katy Perry killing it with another amazing performance of “Dark Horse”, this time the staging and styling were more related to the music video and she looked amazing!!!


Perry worked the crowd with such talent and charisma.

It was interesting to see some pop starts that are so famous at the moment and I had no clue who they were (that’s when I felt a bit old!).

Poor Ellie Goudling, yes, she won a few awards (well done for her!) but the girl has no personality or pop star quality and I’m not even mentioning the annoying voice.

Some dulls moments here and there….some others good….

The peak of the evening was about to start, you know who I’m talking about right???


The reason I waisted my time putting up with that idiot of a host was to see the biggest name in the house: Beyoncé!


She did a beautiful redemption of “XO”, looking stunning, amazing, like the icon that she is.

The staging and lightening were incredible and made it magical.


It was nice to see some cool faces giving/receiving awards but I think the show needs a make over here and there to become the music awards ceremony that the UK should present.

Starting with putting talented people to host the show!!!

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