Britney gets back on her Las Vegas stage and she’s loving it!!!


After a well deserved break from her heavy schedule of shows in Las Vegas with “Britney: Piece Of Me”, her amazing spectacle she signed to do for two years, Britney enjoyed every minute on stage last weekend.

The pop princess is back for another series of shows at Planet Hollywood Casino and Resort in Vegas and the fans have welcomed her with a sold-out venue throughout the weekend and weeks to come.

She “killed it” during the 100 minute that she was on stage entertaining her adoring fans.

Britney posted on Facebook the following picture with a caption that said: “BACK IN ACTION THIS WEEKEND! MISSED MY STAGE…”


I love that shot, its pure fire honey!!!

Even though it is quite dark, her great body is visible and she’s loving it.

She’s looking amazing and I’m so jealous of all the fans that are getting the chance to see it live…

I’m still hoping for Britney come to Europe with that show, she did promised that last year, so I’m waiting bitch!!!


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