Britney Spears “Alien” back on the charts after the auto-tune version leaked – Any publicity is good publicity right?!?!?


Britney Spears and her vocal abilities have caused more controversy (again!!!) after a “raw” version of the song “Alien” hit the web a couple of days ago, as a result, the “Britney Jean” track is trending on a rather “good” position on the Billboard Twitter Realtime Charts.

“Alien” is one of (or was) the best songs part of Britney’s last album, “Britney Jean”, the album might have flopped and received mixed reviews but within the fans “Jean” is a popular album with many of us wishing that Britney had done more promotional work for it and videos for songs like “It Should Be Easy”, “Tik Tik Boom”, “Body Ache” and even “Alien”.

The version leaked features Britney singing before any vocal effects were added to it. Without the auto-tune effect all you can hear, it’s suppose to be Spears real voice. IT’S BAD HONEY!!!

If you are brave, here’s the link:


When I got hold of the link, I played with my boyfriend and we both…


Yesterday morning, July 10th, around 11AM “Alien” was at number 10 on the Billboard Trending Charts and by 12PM the song had gone to number 2.

The track was produced by William Orbit and once the shit hit the fan, the producer released a statement trying to defend “Alien” but is not cutting it, he even tried to say that what we can hear on the track is Britney doing the typical “warm up” that most singers do before performing or recording a track.

Even the proper hardcore fans are like…


Now, come on, we are not stupid ok!!! I love Britney, I’ve been to most of her tours, bought her albums and all that stuff but it’s no surprise that she’s not a singer, BRITNEY SPEARS IS A PERFORMER!!!

Saying that, what leaked is a “warm up” is almost insulting to our intelligence. Don’t tell me that when pop stars like Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, Shakira or Adele are doing the “warm up” for a recording of whatever, they sound that bad. They might not sound amazing as we normally hear them, since it’s a “warm up” they might not belt any notes or put much effort in it but I am pretty sure that their voices would still sound good.

They also have heard the “real” version of “Alien”, Christina just…


And Beyonce being diplomatic as ever, just…


I hate to throw shade at Britney but I’m a bitch of the truth ok. I say as it is and the truth is that without auto-tune, “Alien” should go back to its spaceship and fuck-off.

The things said by Orbit that I agree are:



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