Britney Spears – “Britney Jean (Deluxe Edition)”


Our eternal pop princess finally released a new album that comes full of new fierce material, new duets and a slightly different sound but still sounding like the Britney that we all know and love. In a more mature phase of her life/career Britney want to make sure that us fans know that the troubled times are a thing of the past and that now she’s a confident 32 years old woman, Diva and still at the top of the pop realness food chain to make our jaws drop and our hips tired of twerking and of course our necks hurt like hell from too much hair flipping either in front of our mirrors or on dance floors everywhere.

The album is a good transition where she reaffirm her place as a strong and powerful woman.

She’s owning it and she’s loving it!!! So are we!!!

Here’s my opinion of the tracks:

01 – Alien: This William Orbit produced track have good vocals and a catching beat. Britney tells us about her struggles and talk about loneliness. Not many words but very well delivered, not really warming us up for the track that follows but at least we know that our pop princess is not lonely anymore as she sings: “But the stars in the sky look like home, take me home And the light in your eyes let me know I’m not alone”.

02 – Work Bitch: The first single from the album it is what Britney is all about and that is to make us want to dance like crazy. Although repetitive, still make us want to “live in a big mansion, party in France and look hot in a bikini”. On this amazing track Britney let us know that she’s the leader of the party and all left for us to do is “Work Bitch”. It is aggressive, powerful and totally shut the house down!!!!


03 – Perfume: Cute romantic ballad, very “Britney-esque”. First song in a long time that we get a consistent and mature vocals from Brit. She’s paranoid, nervous and insecure but still shows she’s the one in control. This song has Sia all over it and we love that Britney has chosen to work with such an amazing writer. The video is epic.


04 – It Should Be Easy (Feat. With David Guetta and Will.I.Am who produced the song also featuring on it. It is a club-anthem that should do really well in clubs. Her vocals are well robotic but still with an edge to it. Just dance, let yourself go!

05 – Tik Tik Boom (Feat. T.I): Very sensual, with an amazing beat to it and the vocal attitude that only our princess can deliver. T.I comes along for the ride sounding raw and real. A very commercial track, it should perform really well on the radio. It deserves a fierce video with a lot of hair flips and twerking from Brit.

06 – Body Ache: One more track that has the Guetta signature. Easy introduction but with a big impact once the beats starts. It is a party with a powerful chorus that makes you dance in front of the mirror doing the Britney moves that only the real fans know about it. I hope she brings a fun and hot video for that song.

07 – ‘Til It’s Gone: An intense track that takes us back to the “Femme Fatale” days. It is one of those tracks that sounds like a remix. A mature sound that’s for sure in which it is obvious that Britney has grown into her own element. Totally addictive and powerful. Thank you Britney!!!


08 – Passenger: A vulnerable but yet vibrant track. Co-written by Katy Perry and produced by Diplo this song it reminds me of the old Britney. Nothing special about it, almost too commercial even for Britney. It has that b-side track sound.

09 – Chillin’ With You (Feat. Jamie Lynn): A very poppy track, and simple in which she sounds like she’s 15 years old again. Bringing her sister to sing along, it is obvious that she’s trying to help her sis to get some publicity. Jamie’s vocal are weak and don’t make justice to the track. I would skip that one easily although quite catchy.

10 – Don’t Cry: That track is cute but fail trying to be the power track with a heavy subject. It serve its purpose of having another ballad on the album but that’s it. One of the few tracks that Brit’s voice is not so mechanic.

11 – Brightest Morning Star: A simple and repetitive track that has a “…Baby One More Time” feel to it. Very easy lyrics all around and sounds like is the opening track for some kids/teenagers Tv show. It’s definitely not the best track on the album, no wonder is a bonus track.

12 – Hold On Tight: Britney is fragile, sensitive and looking for cuddles on this one. It is a very emotional track. Worth listening on a rainy day or when you feel like reflecting.

13 – Now That I Found You: A happy, warm, colourful and fuzzy track. It makes you feel happy from beginning to end. Pop in its best form!It has a Avicii vibe about it and it could easily be recorded by Cher, yes… it has that exact sound!

14 – Perfume (The Mix Dreaming): Better than the original and that comes to show that when is a Britney ballad less is more. It makes you feel that you are in one of her concerts back in the good old times, holding a lighter and sharing a tear….or two.


To finish up, Britney Jean shows us that our princess has certainly became a woman and it hasn’t been a girl for a while now.

Left in the past are the tacky outfits (most of the time anyway) and the naïve lyrics.

She doesn’t knock on anyone’s door or feel overprotected anymore.

So, just put it on, let it play and let Britney once again lead the way to a deep, hot and fun trip.

I give Britney Jean 9 fierce stars out of 10.


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