Britney Spears covers “Flaunt” magazine in enchanting pictures and deep interview


Category is: TRIPPY PRINCESS REALNESS!!! Britney covers the latest issue of “Flaunt” magazine that features our pop princess in some fairy-tale, enchanting but yet morbid pictures and has her most recent interview, in which she opens up about a lot of things.

Although the interview shows a different side of Britney in some ways, the best part in my opinion are the pictures. The theme around them is quite unusual for Britney, yet it fits her perfectly.


Britney talks about the “real” her, she describes herself as “so weird” and reveals that she doesn’t like crowded places. She says: “I GET NERVOUS IN A LOT OF SITUATIONS… I’M A WEIRD, ANXIETY-RIDDEN PERSON.”

I think she wanted to express some of those feelings and emotions through the pictures as masks, angels in the background, holy looking sets are just some of the details featured on some of the shots. The vibe is very much like a tormented, vulnerable and morbid Disney princess, who wants to show the world her true self.


Britney totally serves the dark fairytale look like the professional that she is. Going from dreamy princess to a red-eyed evil queen, to a holy pose that reminds me of some shots from her “Someday” music video.

Throughout the candid interview, the pop legend goes on to talk about her two boys and how much they changed her life, she reflects on her troubled past, the horrible public meltdown we all had front row seats to back in 2007 and she explains how everything in her life has changed since then.

Britney also taps on subjects like religion and afterlife, which is quite interesting and I totally recommend fans or not fans to read the full interview because the piece is a new and interesting insight on one of pop’s biggest star private life.


Britney’s album “Glory” is out and killing it!!! It features amazing tracks like “Private Show”, “Clumsy” and “Do You Wanna Come Over?”, I still can’t really pick a favourite one as the entire album is just A-MAH-ZING!!!


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