Britney Spears fan becomes the diva herself on her “Work Bitch” music video – Hilarious!!!


Gal Volinez is the fan and “Work Bitch” was his choice of era to become Britney Spears. I’m alerting readers, before you click “continue reading”, prepare yourself to laugh out loud!!!

What this huge Britney fan did was digitally insert himself in basically every frame of the music video for the hit single “Work Bitch”.

I mean, he takes Brit’s place on the video but he does the exact dance routine, moves, hands, the hair-flipping, EVERYTHING!!!

Watch now!!!


It is super funny and original I give that to him but after showing to a friend, something came up and I would like to know what the readers think.

Are we laughing with him or at him??? There are a few factors (they are obvious to anyone who watches the video) that made this question appears.

Let us know!!! Enjoy!!!


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