Britney Spears is set to take her “Piece Of Me” show around the world!!! #OMFG

Rumour has it that our pop princess is getting ready to take her “Britney: Piece Of Me Live” show around the world through the summer and we can’t believe that maybe Godney has listened to our many prayers!!!

Since starting her residency in Las Vegas back in 2013 Britney has dominated the strip and rumours about her hitting the road again with “Piece Of Me” have been flying around time and time again but this time things are looking rather serious.

Last week some news websites and blogs reported on such T and since then Britney fans have been going crazy with excitement.

Going around Twitter are pictures like this one that shows a poster with a concert scheduled for July in Tel-Aviv.

To add fuel to the fire a new picture was posted recently.

Reports of Britney’s upcoming summer tour were also released via a reliable source, in the shape of Fe who’s Brit Brit assistant spilling the T by “accident” on Twitter, she posted: “NOT ONLY BRITNEY IS GOING TO ASIA, BUT SHE’S ALSO NEGOTIATING SOME TOURING IN EUROPE AND SOUTH AMERICA BETWEEN JULY AND OCTOBER.”


Allegedly some insiders have said that the biggest issue of taking the show around the world is set to be the transportation of the large stage pieces, like the huge tree used to perform “Toxic” that according to the insiders won’t be traveling the world.

For the past couple of years Britney has said in interviews that she enjoys perform in one place because she can be closer to her boys but in some recent interviews the diva has expressed that, “SOMETIMES I DO GET ITCH TO TRAVEL AND TOUR AGAIN. IT’S IN MY BLOOD!”, she also said: “I HOPE WE DO SOME TOURING… IT’LL BE FUN TO SEE MY FANS FROM OVERSEAS WHO HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO MAKE IT TO LAS VEGAS.”.

Britney is scheduled to perform her amazingly successful show up to May in Vegas, after that only Godney knows what’s going to happen.

Fingers crossed and keep on praying my squirrel friends!!!

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