Britney Spears shows off killer bod on the cover of “Woman’s Health Magazine”


Britney has been under the radar in recent times, the fierce flame that once was on the front of every magazine and newspaper is now burning on low heat, which is a shame of course, but on the January/February issue of “Woman’s Health” we going to be able to get our dose of Britney that we’ve missed for a while now.

Spears is looking absolutely stunning on the recent leaked pictures that she did for the health focused magazine, out next month.

She looks super cute wearing a peach bikini, with a jacket over it, showing off her amazing figure, besides looking happy and healthy. Totally the girl next door!!!

It’s almost as if we have travelled back in time and we’re seeing pictures from way back in 1998, the reason I say that, is because Britney is looking rather young in some of the shots.


Britney chatted with the magazine about how she keeps her incredible physique, she said: “DANCING IS A GREAT CARDIO WORKOUT, THOUGH AND FUN AT THE SAME TIME.”

She also revealed that she likes her workout to be short but intense, using light free weights, doing body-weight exercises and that she’s really into raw food, such as sushi.





I’m loving her figure now, it has been a long times since we’ve seen Brit looking that fierce right??? I can’t even believe that she has two kids already.

I just hope that her next project is something out of this world!!!


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