“Cant Remember To Forget You” – The music video


The wait is finally over!!! The music video for Shakira’s smash hit “Can’t Remember To Forget You” on which features the realness that is Rihanna is out on “shakiraVEVO” the singer official channel. And the video is FIERCE!!! FIERCE!!! FIERCE!!!

If the song alone was fantastic, the video is just fabulous!!!

Both divas “shut tha house down” and performed for the cameras as if there was no tomorrow.


The video is pure diva royalty from beginning to end. I love it!!!

It is sexy, sophisticated, modern and the photography of it blows my mind, the colours and details of every shot are so vivid and “alive”.


The styling is just insane, the outfits worn by both divas are amazing, one better than the other.


Shakira’s body (and what a body!!!), hair and make-up are perfection. Her hair looks so soft and her skin it reminds me of a painting.


The same goes for Rihanna, the long hair is amazing and just her attitude is fierce.


The video has some very sexy shots, both singer are lying on a long chair by a pool in a lesbian scenario while smoking cigars, all very sexy and tasteful.


Everything starts in a mansion in some beautiful place with Shakira facing the camera, being all natural and passionate.


Then cuts for both of them “serving” with fierce walks around the house, a lot of hair flipping, twearking against a wall and Shakira doing her usual, smashing her ass against the wall.


Here’s the amazing video:


Just over 24 hours and the video already had more than 17.1 million views!!!!


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