Cher back on the road with “Dress To Kill Tour”


The diva of all divas is about to hit the road again on March 22nd in the US to promote the amazing album “Closer To The Truth”.

After many farewell’s tours, Cher announced to the fans the “Dress To Kill Tour” that will go all over America (sadly, not even one date for us here in London) to start a big commotion amongst the queens.

“Closer To The Truth” is amazing and if you haven’t heard/downloaded yet you must be either crazy or you’ve been living in a cave!!!

As usual, Cher promises tones of surprises for the fans and the first one came out in the form of Cyndi Lauper that is going to be a special guest in most of the dates around America and some other dates/venues, Pat Benatar will also be a special guest….the even older queens must be in pure heaven.

We have seen those two legends sharing the stage before but touring together is a completely different story.

All we can do for now it is wait and see…I cream my pants just imagining the sort of duets or mash-ups that could come out of all these time that they will be spending together.

I’m hoping to be in America, well, in NYC when “Dress To Kill Tour” is around to try get a ticket and see live that special moment but if that doesn’t happen, what’s Youtube and etc for it !??!

For now it is just getting exciting and imaginative, set list, costumes, duets and enjoying this precious video from the “VH1 Divas Live 2002″… Aaaaahhhhh!!!! Oh Cher!!!!




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