Cher – “Closer To The Truth (UK Edition)”


Finally we got new music from Cher and as expected it is pure realness from top to bottom.

Since her last album “Living Proof” from 2001, album which I basically grew up listening to, the diva of all divas have only touring, a bit of acting but no sign of a new album.

But then…Boom!! The song “Woman’s World” is released and becomes an instant hit and now we have this amazing new album to enjoy and after many plays, here’s my opinion:


01 – Woman’s World: The first single and the opening track of “Closer To The Truth”. Produced by the amazing Paul Oakenfold is a great choice to start the party that is to come. The track killed on the “Billboard Dance Chart” and gay bars/clubs everywhere you go play the song repeatedly, just to prove critics that Cher still got it. A powerful and empowering anthem that gets even better thanks to amazing music video.


02 – Take It Like A Man: Written by Cher, with a catchy sound and a very contagious chorus that makes impossible not to put your hands in the air and sing along Cher on this strong and powerful tune. It might be released as the third single and it is already a hit within the fans. Jake Shears appears as a back-up vocalist on the track but I’m still trying to “find” him but it came to me that it is very hard to standout when Cher’s vocals are on full-on mode.

03 – My Love: A great dance tune that tricks you at first because of its slow intro until it becomes this amazing and perfect dance-floor filler. It is another song with a catchy chorus.

04 – Dress To Kill: An euro-pop influenced track, on which Cher’s vocals are visibly distorted but only to make the result a fun track. It has an intriguing intro, which is one of the many quirky effects found throughout the album.

05 – Red: That is Cher at her best, specially when it gets to the point where Cher sings: “All I see is red…” with the word red being belted from the top of her lungs. A great track that keeps the momentum going in the first part of the album and like most tracks recorded for “Closer To The Truth” it has everything to become a hit. Live would be epic!!!!

06 – Lovers Forever: This song is co-written by Cher and it was first written way back in 1994 but never made the cut. It is a dramatic dance track with a variety of and excessive amount of effects in the song. It grabs your attention right away.

07 – I Walk Alone: OMG!!! I love this one… It is on my list of favourite Cher songs ever!!! With a mix of dance/pop music elements and banjos “I Walk Alone” it is a great track that I feel in love with on the first time I heard it. P!nk co-wrote the song and like Jake Shears is a back-up singer but suffers the same problem of standing out Cher’s vocals. I can’t get enough of it!!!

08 – Sirens: A rocky song that is also when the sound on the album starts to change a bit. The song originally was about 9/11 and Cher’s vocals are just beautiful. It has powerful lyrics and a haunting vibe to it.

09 – Favourite Scars: A track that is perfect for the radio and it could be a hit if promoted. Cher dishes the dirt on what love it all about and sometimes her voice sounds like she’s tearing up. It is a modern mid-tempo that fits Cher’s style easily.


10 – I Hope You Find It: The second single from the album and an amazing powerful ballad. It is surprisingly a Miley Cyrus cover (!!!) that Cher made it a mature and strong pop song. Beautiful!!!


11 – Lie To Me: Sounds like Cher’s older material and its P!nk’s second contribution to the album. The vocals are rather tender and real. It is an emotional song that builds up and gets to a huge climax. A great way to end the standard edition of “Closer To The Truth”.

The UK edition comes with 3 bonus tracks and here they are:

12 – I Don’t Have To Sleep To Dream: It keeps the style of the first half of the album with a very strong euro-pop sound to it. Not one of my favourites but it is a good dance track.

13 – Pride: Amazing, happy and vibrant. It is perfect for clubs and on full volume. I can see Tracy Young playing in a pool-party easily. Cher gives amazing vocals on this one. Fierce!!!


14 – You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me: We all know this one since it was a big song that Cher performed in “Burlesque”, the amazing movie that her co-star was none other than Christina Aguilera. A beautiful slow-tempo song that it did very well on the charts.


I’m loving the new album and each track gets to me as I play them over and over.

A great album, very well produced and Cher delivers in all the tracks with her unique vocals.

The album debuted and peaked at number 03 on the Billboard 200 and it is still doing amazingly well with even a tour rumoured to happen. Yay!!!


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