Cher hints that a new album might be coming soon!!! *GASP*


The legendary gay icon and Twitter addict used her favourite social media platform to prepare her legion of fans that a brand new album could be released soon, at least that was what we got out of one of her recent post on Twitter.

Fans all over the globe are still feeling overwhelmed with anxiety since one specific tweet posted by the diva in the past few days made its rounds all over the internet.

In real Cher style (in case you don’t know, Cher’s posts on Twitter are hilarious as she seems to not have a clue on how those platforms work) the tweet was funny, short and very interesting.


How exciting is that right??? Cher’s last album was 2013’s “Closer To The Truth” and became her most successful album ever and gave us some amazing songs like “Woman’s World”, “I Hope You Find It” and “I Walk Alone”.

To be honest, I still listen to “Closer To The Truth” almost everyday as it’s such a good album, don’t get me wrong I’m ready for new Cher material any day of the week.

Bring it on Cher, don’t keep us waiting for too long girl!!!

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It\'s good to Cher!


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