Cher makes the crowd in Boston “blush” because of a revealing outfit


Cher’s “Dress To Kill Tour” is in full swing filling up venue after venue across North America and leaving a good impression in every city. Cher has played so far 11 nights and it’s already shocking everyone with outfits more extravagant than ever, specially with a very revealing outfit that has the fans and the media going cray-cray.

When the timeless diva stepped on stage in Boston last Thursday (April 10th) basically looking butt-naked with heart-shaped nipples pasties the crowd went crazy!!!

Firstly, her body is amazing for a 67 years old woman and secondly, the outfit is sickening!!!

The fierce outfit gave the illusion that Cher looked naked.

Apart from the nipples pasties, there were some silver/shiny fringes strategically placed in some parts of her rocking body.


But if you take a closer look you can see that Cher has some sort of nude bodysuit underneath the fringes.

I think that Cher is looking great and is once again showing the younger divas or as I like to call them, “divettes” how it’s done.

She’s serving fish and having fun whilst doing it!!!

WEEEEERRRK!!! giphy-8

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It\'s good to Cher!


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