Cheryl Cole covers TLC’s “Unpretty” and Beyoncé’s “Pretty Hurts”


Cheryl has started the promotion of her upcoming fourth album and to remind people that she’s not just a pretty face, she released a video of an acoustic session where she sings a mash-up of two classic of pop music.

I have read some terrible reviews about this video and in all honesty I think that some people are just too nasty and harsh.

I’m not saying that Cheryl’s cover of the songs is perfection but I think she did a good job, keeping in mind that she didn’t tried to belt or reach notes that are totally out of her range.

Ok, she kind of gets carried away a couple of times during the performance but is nothing so terrible like some of the reviews I have read tried to portray.


Yeah, she’s no Beyoncé but at least she’s did a tasteful and sweet twist to the songs.


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It\'s good to Cher!


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