Cheryl Cole is pure realness in new “L’Oreal Feria” advert


Cheryl Cole is pure fierceness on her new advert for “L’Oreal”. She serves the fish and WEEERRRRK!!!

The new “L’Oreal” advert with Ms. Cole shows her dancing her ass off, whipping her now blond and beautiful hair back and forth and looking A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!


A week ago she posted on her Instagram account a picture teasing us about the new ad with a caption that said: “#FeriaBTW…Blondes do have more fun”.


Then yesterday (April 14th) she teased us a bit more with another fierce picture that had the following caption: “Big hair don’t care”.


While I was still appreciating the pictures, the full 1 minute video appeared on Youtube with even a behind the scenes video as an extra gift for the hardcore fans or “soldiers” like she calls them.


The ad is incredible, super sexy and fabulous. Cheryl stands on her own in front of a wall of speakers, takes her sunglasses off and once the music starts she puts her dance skills on a very energetic dance routine.


I’m loving her new look, is pure extravaganza eleganza from beginning to end.

Every single look is pure fashion realness.

Cheryl Cole is back and she’s coming back with a massive bang!!!


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