Cheryl Cole releases the music video for “Crazy Stupid Love” – Watch it here!!!


“Crazy Stupid Love” is Cheryl Cole’s brand new single taken of her upcoming album and after teasing us with pictures she finally releases the full music video for this summer banger.

On the video Cheryl is with her gang in some sort of underground club, they have shiny clothes on and of course, there’s a lot of dancing.


There’s even Cheryl proper “twerking” while laying on top of a table or something like that and I almost forgot to mention that Tinie Tempah give his swagger and “weeerk” the camera.


She looks beautiful and happy, the video is simple but delivers in every possible way.

Check it out:


Honey, she’s fabulous!!!

She smiles, she “twerks”, the hair is flying… turn that fan on guurrll!!!

Click to Cher:
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It\'s good to Cher!


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