Cheryl Cole reveals the title of her new album!!!


Cheryl is working on the promotion of her upcoming new album, set to be released in November and she has revealed the title of her new LP during an interview with the amazing Graham Norton.

The first single taken from Cheryl’s new album, “Crazy Stupid Love” hasn’t been received by the fans and the media like her previous songs, the overall reviews were more on the lukewarm side.

The single officially comes out on July 20th and by then hopefully things would have changed for the better since Cheryl is going to be everywhere due to her return as a judge on the X Factor, magazine covers and live performances, meaning that she better make use of that huge exposure.


Cheryl Cole was interviewed by Graham Norton on his BBC show “The Graham Norton Show”, where she has revealed that her new album is called: “ONLY HUMAN”.

Watch the interview here:


I actually like “Crazy Stupid Love”, the video is cool and fresh, the song is very summery in a way and has an addictive sound.

I hope that Cheryl won’t be another pop diva to suffer from low sales, it seems to be the phase now, Mariah, J.Lo, things are not looking good for the pop divas scene.


I’m curious to see how Cheryl is going to do next!!!

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It\'s good to Cher!


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