Cheryl Cole’s “Only Human” LP is causing a major buzz in the pop world


The diva’s fourth album “Only Human”, is set be released soon and the expectations are high for the new album to carry on her legacy of having chart topping albums and singles.

Cheryl Cole is pop music royalty and the fans are gagging to get hold of her new album, “Only Human” that is coming out next month.

I’m super curious to find out what she has done for this new phase of her musical career.

Since more information about the album was released, pop music fans and critics seems to be rather excited for that first listen to Cheryl’s new album and with the first two singles receiving a bag of mixed reviews, the buzz around her new material keeps raising by the days.

Cheryl has worked with the likes of Sia on this new album that has fifteen tracks including the new single “I Don’t Care”.

1 – Intro

2 – Live Life Now

3 – It’s About Time

4 – Crazy Stupid Love

5 – Waiting For Lightning

6 – I Don’t Care

7 – Only Human

8 – Stars

9 – Throwback

10 – All In One Night

11 – Goodbye Means Hello

12 – Coming Up For Air

13 – Fight On

14 – Yellow Love

15 – Beats N Bass

The latest track to appear on-line is “Only Human”, that besides being the album’s title, is a stretch from the pop sound of “Crazy Stupid Love”.

“Only Human” has a totally different vibe, is more of a ballad, with deep words and a more grand sound to it.

I’m not loving it but I’m not hating it.

Cheryl Cole’s new album is set to hit the stores on November 10th.

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