Christina Aguilera’s early wild birthday party!!! Pt.2 (New photos)

Remember that Christina Aguilera celebrated her birthday earlier this year with a wild party? So, brand new shots of that crazy night have appeared on her social media and they are FABULOUS hunni!!!

That must have been one hell of a party!!!

Xtina really went for it with this one, the costumes were amazing, the cotton candy wigs and makeup and the antics were fierce.

Kylie Jenner’s homage to “Dirrty” Xtina still plays on my mind and I’m almost liking that girl.

Christina took things to another level when she posed and worked the set with a very lucky Santa Claus.

Bitch is fierce and she knows it okaaayyy!!!

Aguilera’s actual birthday is today, so let’s celebrate this important day as it was the day that one of the fiercest pop diva was born, it doesn’t matter where you are, what you are doing it, put on your favourite Xtina track and start flicking that hair gurl!!!


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