Christina Aguilera’s early wild birthday party!!!

Christina Aguilera’s birthday is not until the 18th of December but the fierce diva decided to celebrate her 36th birthday earlier, so she threw herself a birthday party in a LA nightclub over the weekend.

Christina’s party was a candy, pink filled night that went up until very late and was rather wild. The diva wore a big and pink afro wig, a multicoloured fur coat, some crazy accessories through the night and she pouted a lot, as you do of course.

Xtina looked fierce, fabulous, amazing and more, much more hunni!!!

Remember when Kylie Jenner paid homage to Xtina’s “Dirrty” look back on this year’s Halloween??? She almost broke the internet with her costume because it was so, so FIERCE and we loved it because it was perfection down to the last detail. At the time, Aguilera used social media to let Jenner and the world know that she liked it Kylie’s choice of costume.

Bitch looked AH-MA-ZING!!!

Jenner did it again and we love this second homage even more honey!!!

This time she wore the iconic yellow look, the famous and polemic yellow chaps with the acronym “Xtina” in one of the legs and the blonde/black hair.

According to Jenner’s post on Snapchat it was Aguilera’s idea that she attended the party dressed-up in the iconic look. The post reads: “WHEN XTINA WANTS U TO DRESS AS XTINA FOR HER BDAY YOU DO IT!!!”

Who knew that those two were such good friends??? In some of the pictures they kiss, cuddle and look like they were having the best time ever.

I’m very impressed with the effort and attention to detail that Kylie Jenner put on the outfit, it’s so cool!!! Also celebrating Xtina’s birthday were two “Real Housewives of” Bethenny Frankel and Erika Jayne, who also performed at the party.

Not many pictures have appeared on-line so far but based on the ones posted in many websites, that was one hell of a good party.

As we all know, anytime or any day…

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