Christina Aguilera’s first live performance since birth of her baby girl was stunning!!!


Aguilera performed during an event at NASA and besides looking like pure perfection, she delivered an amazing and royal performance on stage.

Since her second child was born, the cute baby girl Summer Rain, we didn’t get to see much of our super diva, only through social media but she finally came out of “hibernation” and we were very impressed!!!


NASA’s event was to honour the achievements of Breakthrough Prize Scientists and those “geeks”, got an even better prize by having Christina taking the stage to perform one of her signature and iconic songs, the smash-hit “Beautiful”.

Before I say anything else, just watch:


“Pure realness” right??? I’m going to be really honest and say that, “Beautiful” is one of those songs that has been played so much, that I normally don’t even listen to, but then when Christina comes out and does such a fierce performance, I can’t help but feel goosebumps all over my body.


The red dress, the hair, the make-up… everything was just PERFECT!!!

She’s not cocky…. she just love herself and knows that no other “bitch” out there can’t hold a candle to deliver that sort of performance.

“Who owns the throne???”…

“You do mummy….”



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