Cycle 21 of “America’s Next Top Model” gets a new premiere date!!!


The new season of one of the best reality shows ever created was set to première on August 21st but the network decided to push the date forward a few days earlier to August 18th.

Tyra Banks is taking a chance doing a second season featuring female and male models that have the hope to become “America’s Next Top Model”.

One of the most exciting things about the 21st season of the show is the return of the diva-extraordinaire J Alexander to the judging panel, joining the fabulous Tyra Banks, the fierce PR Maven Kelly Cutrone and the introduction of photographer Yu Tsai, that will work as a photo shoot creative consultant.

We got the 14 finalists here:

The girls are: Ivy Timlin, 20 years of age, from Buffalo, NY and she’s 5’8.

Shei Phan, 23 years of age, from Oklahoma City, Ok and she 5’9.

Chantelle Brown-Young, 19 years of age, from Toronto, Canada and she’s 5’8.

Mirjana Puhar, the youngest girl,18 years of age, from Charlotte, NC and she’s 5’8.

Raelia Lewis, 22 years of age, from Philadelphia, PA and she’s 6’0.

Kari Calhoun, 23 years of age, from Dallas, TX and she’s 5’8.

Lenox Tillman, 19 years of age, from Newnan, GA and she’s 5’9.


The boys are: Keith Carlos, 26 years of age, from Bridgeport, CT and he’s 6’1.

Romeo Tostado, 23 years of age, from Salinas, CA and he’s 6’0.

Will Jardel, 23 years of age, from Nederland, TX and he’s 6’4 (YEAH GUURRLL!)

Denzel Wells, 23 years of age, from Houston, TX and he’s only 5’10.

Ben Schreen, 24 years of age, from Waverly, IA and he’s 6’3.

Adam Smith, 26 years of age, from Memphis, TN and he’s only 5’10.

Matthew Smith, 24 years of age, from Highlands Ranch, CO and he’s 6’4.

I love the show since the first cycle and since Tyra started to mix girls with boys, funny enough, I think the show lost a bit of the magic the once had, but the public seem to enjoyed, so let her keep re-inventing the format.

I still watch it tho, I’m just trying to make a point that a house full of girls is much more fun and interesting than a house with both sexes.

But I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Tyra, so she can do whatever she wants and I can’t wait for cycle 21!!!

So get ready for a lot of smize and be fierce!!!


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