Danity Kane – “DK3” (Album review)


Danity Kane, was one of the best girl bands ever and it’s a shame to know that due to bigger things, the girls have called off, but at least they released their much-anticipated third album, which is also their last album together.

“DK3” is their first album in six years, we waited so long, but last year they made an amazing comeback that made us (the loyal fans) super happy.

Things were looking up, their first single “Lemonade”, was just what we needed, it didn’t hit the radios and the charts like it should have, but we still embraced the track and during each performance, the girls could feel the love and the happiness of the fan base.


But when everything was good and the future looked promising, Aubrey and Dawn got onto an alleged major cat-fight and BOOM… Danity Kane was breaking-up again, but this time for good and the future of their much-anticipated new album was uncertain.

Thankfully, “DK3” made its way to our iPods and we could not be happier!!!

Darling, if you haven’t heard this album yet, let me tell you one thing: YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!!


A very well produced, arranged and delivered collection of songs. It is more on the commercial side of things but it is Danity Kane to its core, from beginning to end.

Aubrey O’Day, Dawn Richard and Shannon Bex have never sounded that good, their voices work in perfect harmony in every single track, like such as “Two Sides”, an intimate and captivating, sexy track that it is addictive.

The album also have some bangers that I’m sure would have done amazingly well on the charts, songs like: “All In A Day’s Work”, “Rhythm Of Love” and “Secret Lover”.

The second single taken off “DK3”, is the FIERCE and strong “Tell Me”, song which that I can’t stop listening to, trust me, this song is sexy and have a delicious beat.


It’s very sad watch Danity Kane’s end but on the bright side of things, the girls are leaving us with an amazing album as a last piece of pop music at its best.



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