Danity Kane releases a new single – “Lemonade” is the drink of the day honey!!!


Danity Kane is back and let me tell you, they are on fire!!! The official brand new single “Lemonade” is a catchy track that reminds me a lot of the early stuff that they released.

The song features Tyga and with strong beats and sensual lyrics like “I feel your eyes on me/I like how it feels/I hope that you enjoy your five/But I’ll take it from here/I’m late to the party, but always on time.”

“Lemonade” is a great song to mark their return to the spotlight, this time without their creator/mentor P. Diddy.

This time they are making music on their own terms, miles away from the “MTV’s Making The Band” days, the reality show created by Diddy where he created the girl band.

The new song produced by the Stereotypes, the same producers of their smash hit “Damaged”.

I’m loving this new material, it has a nice hip-hop swagger and great vocals.

The girls are getting ready to hit the road for a new tour around the U.S. Last September was the first time they performed together in a long time at the “House Of Blues” in Chicago.


Enjoy their “Lemonade” that should get you “twerking” hard honey!!!



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