Danity Kane turned the temperature up in Las Vegas over the weekend!!!


The girls from DK3, took Las Vegas by storm over the weekend with hot performances in great venues of the city, getting the summer days and evenings even hotter.

They performed in a pool party at “Liquid” during the day and they hit the stage at “Haze” in the evening, also on Saturday, 19th of July.


Pictures from the pool party make me think that Danity Kane did an amazing job entertaining the guest and also that our girls had a lot of fun.

For the pool party they wore some hot denim outfits, showing off a lot of skin, giving cleavages for days, specially Aubrey, who looked amazing!!!


Dawn Richard also looked fabulous, her very short denim number was FIERCE!!! Her hair and make-up was pure fierceness.

Ms. Shannon Bex was looking great for a change. She normally doesn’t look as great as the other girls, but for this weekend’s performances she seemed to shine more than usual.

The pictures are stunning as expected and according to the images, the pool party was amazing!!!

I can’t get over it how good they looked!!!

The evening events started at the nightclub “Haze”, with the girls again, looking amazing, with stunning outfits and make-up and hair.


Aubrey O’Day in a hot lacy dress, stole the show in my opinion.

But all the girls looked fantastic!!! They look happy and as if they are actually enjoying each others company.


For their amazing performance at Haze, they wore the same outfits they had at the “Universal City Walk” performance last weekend.

And again, they were FABULOUS!!!


This week also, DK3 released some cool snippets of new tracks that should be on their upcoming new album.

If you haven’t heard them, you should take a look on-line to get yourself updated.

Danity Kane is back on full-power guuuurrrlll!!!!

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