Destiny’s Child get together to record song for Michelle’s new album (Listen Here!)


Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle, or better saying Destiny’s Child returned to the studio recently to record a remix of a track called “Say Yes”, and let me tell you, its fierce honey!!!

Apparently a music video for “Say Yes” featuring all the girls together, including Solange Knowles have already been shot and is coming out soon.

So we can expect big things for this great gospel club-banger.

“Say Yes (The Remix)” is a Destiny’s Child take on the Nigerian gospel song “When Jesus Says Yes” that blends contemporary EDM sounds with an upbeat swing of West African gospel music, with the DC3 touch that can make any song attractive to an audience that normally don’t care so much for gospel music.

I’m not trying to come across as offensive, just being quite straight forward.

The last time the three girls got together to make some music was at the Superbowl in 2013 and this time I think it was worth it because this track is amazing.


I’m addicted to the song!!!

It’s been playing on my player since early hours of the morning when I first downloaded.


The song has a catchy chorus, the lyrics are : “When Jesus say yes, nobody can say no.” After you play the song once, you can’t stop repeating the chorus and the natural step is have the song on repeat and enjoy it because it is very good.

The song features on Michelle’s fourth album “Journey To Freedom”


Michelle is a busy girl, working on the new album and over the summer she’s going on tour in the US with a production of “Jesus Christ Superstar” alongside fellow pop star JC Chasez.

We need to keep our eyes open, sometimes she’s forgotten, which is not fair because this girl is FIERCE honey!!!


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