Disney puts its foot down against Malaysian censors on “The Beauty and The Beast” gay scene – #GetOverYourself

Disney’s mega production, the new version of the classic “The Beauty and The Beast” is set to be a box-office hit all over the world but even before the movie’s full rollout across the world there are some backwards and hateful governments and groups trying to edit or boycott the classical production.

Emma Watson stars as “Belle” alongside fresh hunky Dan Stevens who plays “The Beast” and they are not the only stars in the movie as the likes of Stanley Tucci, Ewan McGregor, Emma Thompson, Luke Evans and Kevin Kline also star in the remake.

Homophobes in Malaysia’s Film Censorship Board first asked Disney to cut the gay scene from the movie, to which Disney’s answer was: “THE FILM HAS NOT BEEN AND NOT WILL BE CUT FOR RELEASE”.

F*^$ You!!! Being gay over there is illegal but what’s really insulting is that movies can only have gay characters if they show repentance or are portrayed in a negative way.

Oh… silly me, I forgot to mention what’s causing all of this commotion, brace yourself because the level of queerness is about to hit the roof.

In this new version of “The Beauty and The Beast”, Gaston’s (played by Luke Evans) sidekick LeFou (played by Josh Gad) is according to director Bill Condon, “CONFUSED ABOUT HIS SEXUALITY” and LeFou also appears in an “exclusive gay moment” in a scene where he dances with another man.

So, he’s got a crush on the villain Gaston, who doesn’t like a bad boy???

The Russians also made a thing out of the gay thing but at the end they decided to release the movie with a 16 years old age restriction on who can watch the movie.

Still ridiculous!!!

Even the retards, inbreds that owns a movie theatre in Alabama refused to screen the movie because of the gay moment.

Give me a break!!!

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