Diva Anastacia “resurrected” in famous club in London last weekend!!!


The powerful diva, who still don’t get the credibility she basically owns it by now and this really pisses me off, took the stage of the legendary G-A-Y Club in London and it was received like she should, with a lot of love and screams and screams!!!

The fans couldn’t be happier!!! She was in full form, like the “SprockQueen” that she is!!!

In London once again promoting her last album, the amazing “Resurrection” (we have posted an extensive review of her new material here if you are interested in good music), the super diva took some of her busy schedule to entertain her adoring fans on August 2nd.


I wasn’t there but from I heard/read/watched, the showcase was perfection. She sang some of the new material and also “brought da house down” with classics like “I’m Outta Love”, “Left Outside Alone” and some others.


She looked rocky and fabulous, all in black and with that sort of energy that you know only some ultra talented singer like her can have and give to her audience.


We got a couple of videos for you, don’t worry, girl, I cover everything no matter I am!!!

“Left Outside Alone”


“Stupid Little Things”


The videos are quite short I know but come on, the woman is FANTASTIC!!!

She’s about to release the second single of “Resurrection”, the beautiful “Staring At The Sun”.

That wouldn’t be my choice to keep the buzz about the album going, but I can’t fault the song.


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